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Lilian Miller

1895 - 1943

Lilian Miller was an American painter, woodblock printmaker, and poet. Born and growing up in Japan, Miller was immersed in traditional Japanese art and culture. At age nine, Lilian’s printmaking education began at the atelier of Kano Tomonobu (1843 - 1912). Although she learned the traditional process of shin-hanga woodblock printing, she preferred to do all the steps of the woodblock printing by herself. It is unusual when a team of artisans executes the carving and printing once the artist created the image.


Miller’s first prints were largely based on drawings made in Korea. She once declared to the San Francisco Examiner that her mission in life was “to portray the hidden beauty of the Hermit Kingdom.” Yet, critics argue that her representations of Korea are weak, and Orientalist, stressing the "quaint" aspects that confirm Japanese representations of Korea as an uncivilized country whose only hope for development is to be a part of Japan. Nevertheless, Miller left many artworks that depicted the people and beautiful landscapes of Korea.


Lilian Miller's Artworks

Moonrise over an Ancient Gateway

Moonrise Over the Ancient Gateway, Korea 1928 Woodblock print 23.7 x 37 cm

Orange-sailed Junk of the Han

Orange-Sailed Junk of the Han, Korea 1920 Woodblock Print 22.9 x 46.2 cm

Cathedral Cliff, Diamond Mountains

Cathedral Cliffs, Diamond Mountains, Korea 1928 Woodcut Print 24.1 x 36.2 cm

Diamond Mountains, Winter, Korea

Dimond Mountains, Winter, Korea 1928 Woodblock Print 36 x 21 cm

Farmhouse by Moonlight

Farmhouse by Moonlight, Korea 1928 Woodblock Print 32 x 21 cm

Rainbow Phoenix Waterfall, Diamond Mountains (Internet and in a frame)

Rainbow Phoenix Waterfall, Diamond Mountains, Korea 1928 Woodblock Print 24 x 35 cm

Korean Shrine

A Korean Shrine 1928 Woodblock Print 24.7 x 36.2 cm

Autumn Evening

Autumn Evening, Korea 1928 Woodcut 21.5 x 43.0 cm

Korean Junks at Sunset (left)

Korean Junks at Sunset, diptych 1928 woodblock Print 36 x 37.7 cm

Korean Junks at Sunset (right)

Korean Junks at Sunset, diptych 1928 woodblock Print 36 x 37.7 cm

Father Kim of Korea

Father Kim of Korea 1928 Woodblock Print 19.6 x 17.7 cm

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