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Dr. Linda Kean (Dean, ECU College of Fine Arts and Communication)


The College of Fine Arts and Communication is honored to present the “Old Korea from the Eyes of Four Western Artists” exhibition on the campus of East Carolina University. Through this exhibitions in four campus galleries, our students, faculty, staff, university guests and community members have the opportunity to take in this important artwork and learn more about the history, customs and culture of the Korean people. Central to the mission of the College of Fine Arts and Communication is the celebration of culture and people from around the world.


We are indebted to Dr. Young-Dahl Song and Dr. Juliet Kim Song for the loan of their personal collection of prints and watercolors by acclaimed artists Elizabeth Keith, Lilian May Miller, Paul Jacoulet and Willy Seiler which has made this exhibition possible. Additionally, this catalog and exhibition would not have been possible without the incredible efforts of Drs. Jin-Ae Kang and Borim Song curating this exhibition. I hope that those who have the opportunity to view these works through our exhibition come away with a deeper appreciation for the Korean culture and the artists who captured it on canvas.


Dr. Kate Bukouski (Director, ECU School of Art & Design)


On behalf of the School of Art and Design, Wellington B. Gray Gallery, and our community we are honored to host this exhibition of artwork that celebrates Korea. Art has the capacity to reflect, interrogate, and explore human activity, ideas, and concepts. As we study the artwork we will contemplate its historical context, the gazes of the artists, the content of the artwork, and the techniques of the artists. This exhibition offers our community the opportunity to enjoy these prints and watercolors as beautiful objects while also critically examining them through the lens of today. We are thankful to the collectors and all those involved for creating such significant opportunities for teaching and learning that expand our collective knowledge and understanding of art, history, culture, and Korea.

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